Time to “DO TRUMAN”

Am I the only one that has started to think this Ebola epidemic is a “put up job”. Our borders are open on top and bottom it is so easy to bring Biologics across to start a pandemic. Science is not the purview of America and the rest of the industrialized world only. For years these countries (those perceived to be our enemies) have sent the best and the brightest to America, France, Germany to be educated. Then return to their homes to become the teachers of others. Did we think, that science could not be done without trillion dollar budgets. Take Iran. Nuclear capable, building their own plane trains and drones, engineers trained in America, exported knowledge allowed them to become a modern industrialized nation, a force, in many areas. Science is not exclusive to us. We have educated the worlds population because we had the best higher education institutions, this has come back to haunt us. It is as simple, an individual is infected with a deadly disease crosses the border, Canada or Mexico both are equally porous, mingle and exist only to go to supermarkets, malls, night clubs and even schools and churches. This individual could be as destructive as a suicide bomber, even more so.
Why is our borders not secure. Anyone not crossing into America by a established border crossing need to be encouraged to turn back from whence they came or be shot. The only way to protect ourselves is to become as our enemy has become cold blooded and ruthless about our interest. Talking to these people is useless they understand force, give them superior force up to and including nuclear weapons. ISIS a prime candidate for the “The Big Sleep”. We must show the world we are willing to go all the way. Peace and prosperity will come when this thousand year old war is ended. I say stand and deliver. Shock and awe is applicable if used to impress upon our enemies that we will go all the way.
Time to do “TRUMAN”

Plan B

November 22, 2013
To: Marilyn Williams, Veterans Advocate
From: Joseph H. Caro, Veteran
Subject: Vash Voucher
Ms. Williams,
Last Year in February 2012,  I submitted the necessary Paperwork to qualify for the Voucher Program. The person I submitted the paperwork to was Mr Val Hebert, in New Orleans.
 In September of 2013 of this year I checked with Mr. Hebert and was assured that I was still on the list, awaiting a voucher.  I’am as you know in transitional housing, still homeless. I have observed two individuals one with 7 months the other with 6 weeks receive vouchers.  I’am told they meet the requirement for “chronic homelessness.” My wait for 21 Months doesn’t qualify me anything except to be parked on a list.  It is unfair that these individuals are any more or less Homeless than I. Homeless is Homeless.
My request of you is as Follows:
What number of vouchers have been Issued by HUD in the 20 or so months I have been on this list?
What is my position on this List?
How many vouchers have been actively used by veterans to which they have been issued, and how many have been turned down?
How many are currently available for distribution to veterans on this list.
I realize this may entail you to work outside your area of interest,  but I entreat you to answer my questions as many veterans have wanted to ask but didn’t know who to ask.
We all realize you work hard to keep up with hundreds of us veterans and commend the job you are doing.
I await your reply to my query.
Joseph h. Caro

Who? This is ME!

People who know me would hopefully call me Certain,Assertive, Adaptable,A Leader and down to earth, but on my less than good days I can be Arrogant, Confrontational, Cranky, demanding, Formidable, Grouchy and Grumpy. My mind is best at knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, Mechanical Intelligence, Visual Intelligence and Social Skills and at least good at Imagination, Manual Co-ordination, Mathematical Intelligence, Memory and Musical Intelligence. I tend to keep my feelings to myself. THE WAY I WORK: I prefer to work alone. I am quite likely to think I can do things better than other people. SOCIAL: Thinking about truly great friends, I probably have 2 or 3 of them. I enjoy seeing acquaintances and socializing is a part of life, but not a main focus. If you saw me at a party, I would probably be the one “working the room” , making conversation with large numbers of people. I tend to enjoy being by myself. It takes a long time to get to know the “real me”
THE WAY I LOOK AT THE WORLD: All things considered, I would say the world is neither getting better nor worse. I almost always feel like I am living life to its’ fullest. If I found out my best friends’ spouse or partner is cheating on them, I would probably not tell them. I’m inclined to give money to beggars. I’m a Dog Person If we met I would be early. If I could choose between having a mountain, a theory or a grand child named after me I would choose a Grandchild.
GENERAL INTEREST: Business, Food and Drink, Money and Investing, National News, Politics, Science and Technology and Gadgets, Music, Movies and Newspapers, Magazines. Concerts and Live Music, Stand up Comedy, Theater, and Arts. ACADEMIC INTEREST: Computer Science, Education, History and Journalism and Mass Communication. My other interest: Electronic Engineering
MY RELIGION SUMMERY: I consider myself somewhat religious. I definitely don’t belong to a specific religion I am agnostic. Outside of attending religious services I pray several times a day. I believe in the afterlife, a Creator, an eternal Soul, the Devil Heaven, Hell and Spiritual energy I definitely don’t believe in alien life, Darwinian evolution,ghost, fate, or destiny,Karma magic, reincarnation or past lives and telepathy or psychic powers.
MY POLITICAL SUMMERY: Generally speaking I think of my self as an Independent. I would describe my political views as foreign policy Dove, Non-Partisan, Progressive, Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative, Cynical, Patriotic, Moderate, Capitalist, Centrist, Individualist and Libertarian. I would say I strongly approve of the way President Obama is handling his Job as President. I would say I am not very politically active.
MY WORK LIFE SUMMARY: I am currently retired. I work in engineering, customer support and client care, Business, Consulting and Telecommunications. Specifically Entrepreneurship, Specifically IT Consulting, Customer Training, Computer Engineering, Internet-Based Telecom Services and Mobile and Wireless Telecom Services. I work for an organization with under 10 employees Where I’m a IT/ Computing Professional directly responsible for 6-10 people. I own my own IT Consulting Firm.
My Hobbies and Activities Summary: Buying and Selling online, Cooking, Listening to music, Surfing the Internet and Writing, Swimming. OUTINGS: Eating at restaurants, going to Concerts or to see Live music and going to festivals
MY ISSUES AND CONCERNS SUMMARY : The issues I care about most is Civil Liberties, Cost of Living, Education, Gun Control, Higher Education, Income inequality, Political Corruption, Racism, and the National Debt, Policy Makers in education should focus on improving the Public schools System we currently have. In general, I am in favor of fewer restrictions on the rights of individual to own and buy guns. Not everyone is cut out for a college education. We should be doing more to provide young people with vocational and career training. Colleges and Universities should focus on enriching minds of their students and not simply on career training. Racism against minorities is still a serious problem in our country. I believe that government policies have impeded the recovery from this recession, The government government should do more to safeguard our Civil Liberties, China will be a major threat to the United States in the 21st century and partisan politics and a lack of compromise are hurting America. I also believe that the disintergration of the traditional family values is a major problem for America and the Government should do more to regulate Wall street and that Political Corruption is worse today than at any other time in our history, the government has not done enough to provide the need of returning veterans, the government should increase the amount of Loans and Grants available to college students, the government should interfere less in the private lives of Americans the government has no business policing morality and corporations and interest groups have too much in fluence on the political process.

I wouldn’t know ?

Often I have wanted to sit down and assess just where my life is now. I have a fragmented family, no Love in my life either from my wife or my kids. I have not cultivated any true friendships yet, as far as I can see, and have not really required either of these things, Love or friendship to get along with myself. “I was never Loved and had never Loved anyone in this life.” My spirit told me this on the edge of sleep one night some 6 months ago. Frankly, I wouldn’t know what Love is if it walked up to me and slapped me in the face. I don’t think I’m wired for this emotional upheaval. My father didn’t show me any love or that love was a necessary part of human existence, my immediate family showed no genuine love for me. So, I’m a human being devoid of the basic wiring required to Love and be Loved.
Where does that leave me…in despair because I do want to Love someone and be Loved by someone. I want genuine Love not the words of the mouth but the murmer of the Heart. That small squeak of the Heart which echoes throughout the universe. Love whispered in a Hurricane, Screamed over the roar of a brass band, yet heard in the Heart, echoed throughout the entire being.
Can I find this Love before I leave this existence? Should I even attempt to find what eludes 99% of humanity. Yes 99% of us get it wrong. I heard of a couple whom were married 65 years that died on the same day. That is what I’m talking about, Love eternal. The bond of Love so strong they could not live without each other. So they went to a higher plane together to continue their Love in eternity. I believe Love is truth. Love is eternal.
Kind of makes you wonder what each of you think about the subject since I have chosen to share my point of view with just you three…since you profess Love for me.
My daughter, My wife and my oldest friend.


my children:Their Mothers Children

Tonight my thoughts turned to my children. I have lived my life mostly alone because they are the children of their mothers. I knew that I would not be there for their mothers throughout their lives. I wanted them to be my representative in their mothers lives .I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t stay with them. I’m too selfish and fickle to stay with one woman for long. I have come to accept this of myself. Some of us are destined to live alone and I’m one of those. I don’t trust enough. I have lived more lies than I can ever expect to undo. I have not been given one little bit of true Love in this life. I have always said I would like to know my children as adults, because I had nothing to contribute too their formative years. I have been too busy pursuing my own ventures in life,”Seek Knowledge that yee, may know Wisdom”. Have I acquired any wisdom? “One never knows, do one.” My children are quite brilliant, both girls are accomplished in their chosen fields. One the oldest has 3 degrees, the youngest is studying for her masters. My Son whom I have not seen since he was a child has told me that he was going to join the navy to become a seal. He has chosen a difficult path but one if fulfilled; I will be most proud of Him.
All my children are a reflection of myself and their mothers. I can say I chose them well. They possessed, beauty and brains. I have contributed 3 fine human being to Gods creation, It is my hope that they will live long and productive lives, that they will respect God and contribute to Humanity in a positive manner

A Question of Love

How does a person completely devoid of Love, such as myself, answer the inquiry of his 20 year old daughters’  question. “What is required to be in Love? By being in Love, I mean romantic Love. Frankly, I don’t know what it is. As far as I know Love was never defined for me as an individual. My glands dicktated what I Loved or didn’t Love. So , for me to be asked “What is required to be in Love?” One of my nieces defined: She has a physical reaction as well as an emotional reaction. I understand their is a physical release of chemical in the brain which triggers an emotional response and therefore begins the roller coaster called Love.

I have been satisfied with the physical satisfaction of my banile being up to now, but I would like to fling myself into that roller coaster called Love. I want true Love,  with the blindness of emotional fullness I have heard about from other whom exhibit the trait. Enough of the lip service served to me in the past-forgive my pun- a full and rich dose of truth is what is need to show me Love is not a myth fostered on us humans like a cruel joke, never to be achieved, only heard about or grasped without attaining. Will I have too wait for the almighty to obtain truth.

I’m saddened by the prospect of never attaining Love in this life. Did my spirit show me what the truth was for me. “You were never Loved and have not Loved anyone in your life.” Is this too be my fate, will I die never having anyone to Love me in Truth and never having Loved in truth?

I can’t answer my daughters’  question because I don’t know anything about the subject !

Did you know

Did you know:

That you were devoid of LOVE

That you were never LOVED

That those whom were suppose to give you LOVE had none to give

That you have never LOVED anyone in your life

That at this time in your life it LOVE is what you need more than anything

That you need to LOVE someone before you leave this life

That the LOVE of your children is called Storge’

That you are LOVED by God

He gave you LIFE

HE gave you intellect

He gave you discernment

He gave you Hope

He gave you foresite

He knew what He was doing

He does not make mistakes

He tells the Truth and only the truth

That GOD is LOVE

That the only LOVE GOD is capable of giving is agape

That God is almighty and will test you throughout your life

That you cannot fail his test

That he knows the end in the beginning

That ain’t nobody left here live yet